Professional Christmas Tree Production

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We have many years experience in commercial Christmas Tree operations. We operate our own 25 acres of farmland and have the equipment, (even a drone), the knowledge and where applicable, the necessary licenses to enable us to prepare, plant and maintain your plantation efficiently. 

Kubota M6060


We recognize that planting a Christmas Tree plantation represents a substantial investment on your part, it's important that you get your trees in the ground quickly and efficiently and that you maintain them professionally in order to maximize your return.

Professional maintenance includes protection from rabbit and deer and it is important that you fence your enclosure correctly. We can supply and erect deer and rabbit fencing using our Kubota M6060 and Post Driver. Please contact us for a quote but as a guide we can usually do this for £10 per meter depending upon the access and terrain.

We can plant, count (using drone technology), and will hire out our equipment with an operator.

Please note that each task may have its own unique challenges and it is important we know your location, the type of ground and you understand that travel time can increase our costs. We are reasonable though and will keep our travel costs as low as possible.

As a base cost our drone and operator can survey your land using a 20mp camera. It can create a 3D map of a 10 acre field in under an hour and can also produce NDVI map allowing you to differentiate plant health within your plantation. Please allow £250 for this service but remember it's much quicker than counting 1,000 trees by hand. 

Our Kubota M6060 can plant 5,000 saplings per day. To be efficient you need our Kawasaki Quad Bike and 3 personnel to feed it trees and keep up with the pace. We can plant your trees from 30p a sapling. Talk to us about our full service of ground preparation, fencing, sapling supply and planting.

Maintaining a plantation is about doing things efficiently. Time costs money but money does grow on trees!

Please contact me if you require any assistance.