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2023 - Nordmann fir florist foliage

2023 - Nordmann fir florist foliage

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Nordmann fir. Non drop needle. Foliage for florists. Used for Christmas decorations and wreath making. 

The photo alongside is 5 kilos.

On average 1 kg should easily make 1 wreath but some people want only Nordmann on their wreaths and others want to mix foliage on their wreaths in which case less would be required. (I only sell Nordmann Fir foliage).

A note on shipping. I use Parcelforce 48 Large as the boxes are 79cm long and 39cm x 59cm . Unfortunately they charge me £20 a box plus VAT to ship these large heavy boxes.

I need a lead time of 3 days to get these boxes packed and out to you. 



Number of kilos  Price (Including VAT)

2.5 £ 14.50
5 £ 24.00
7.5 £36.00
10 £45.00
15 £60.00
30 £115.00
50 £180.00
75 £250.00
100 £300.00


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