Drone Imagery

Fothergill's Trees began operating a drone to assist in the plantation. Drone operations are in their relative infancy in the UK but their application is increasing rapidly. Be it home photography for estate agency or building site survey work drones are here to stay. We now operate more broadly trading as Aerial Dynamic.
We operate a DJI Inspire 2 which is pretty much state of the art in terms of image quality versus price. Using rapidly advancing cloud based computing drones can be used to map fields using NVDI to highlight areas where crops are weaker. They have been used to count trees and plants in large plantations to give accounts an accurate count for book closing purposes. 
We are aware of them being used to carry out volumetric calculations such as how many pallets are in a yard and how many lorries will it take to move this stack of soil. Taking the same angle and elevation shot daily at a site shows a client progress over a large area.
Just about everywhere you can see a task that could be dangerous to perform (working at heights for inspection) or time consuming (counting 5,000 trees in a field) a drone can offer a solution in a fraction of the time and at a far reduced business cost. 
Please contact us to discuss your requirement we are reasonable and can perform operations from as little as £200  

DJI Inspire 2

Our CAA commercial drone operators license number is PfCO 4309