Who said planting was boring? October 15 2020

We've started to plant our 10,000 saplings for 2020. Using our Christmas tree planting machine we can plant close to 5,000 in a day!

Christmas 2020 July 28 2020

2020 wholesale trees now available to pre-order

Plantation maintenance services August 18 2017

If you're thinking of a plantation how will you manage it ? Where will you get your equipment, from where will you buy your saplings ? We have sprayers, PA1 and PA6 licenses. We have an Inspire 2 drone (Civil Aviation Authority Approval (PfCO) for Commercial Operations), we have a Kuboto 60hp M6060 tractor with planter, post driver, topper and rotavator. We can design protect, survey and spray with the correct herbicides. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Thinking of growing Christmas Trees? August 16 2017

We're selling 500 4 year old Nordmann saplings. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Money really does grow on trees!

Small pre-lit office xmas trees with free delivery October 30 2016

This year we're offering pre-lit small pot grown office Christmas trees for £26.99 including delivery.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! September 03 2016

Now taking orders for Christmas 2016.

Nordmann Fir Christmas trees in pots October 26 2014

This year we have added the sale of potted trees. People have been asking for small Nordmann Fir trees that they can grow at home and use year after year. We're now shipping on pallets for retailers. Starting at 21 trees for £225 including 10 litre black plastic pot and compost. We've done all the work. Simply take delivery and start to retail in your own outlet. (RRP. £18.75)    

This Autumn, we've grown! October 25 2014

This Autumn, we have expanded our Christmas tree plantation. After a bout of heavy rain and storms, the weather has finally settled and we have planted our new Nordmann Fir trees.

UK Slowly sinking ! February 08 2014

We've been lucky so far. Other have had it far worse. A couple of 20 meter puddles but they're still 6 inches deep. Let's see what the trees think when the spring comes.

Yet more rain! February 03 2014

We're revving up the engines ready to start planting our 2014 trees. Rain and yet more rain, we need a boat for the paddy field rather than a tractor!