Collection: Unique Woodland Sculptures

We have a variety of woodland "driftwood style" natural sculpture pieces to feature in private gardens or public places.

The "natural art" displays make beautiful and unique gifts - no two pieces are ever alike and are as individual as your own fingerprints.

Our carefully selected examples, carved by time over many decades, come to you untreated, and in their natural state, for you to enhance in your chosen medium for a place within your own home or garden.

The artworks are ethically sourced from Fothergill's woodlands in England and are mainly beechwood or oak remains.   These pieces can never be replicated and you will own one of nature's natural masterpieces.

We leave our sculptures untouched, and natural, for you to choose a suitable finish - oils, waxes, or the myriad other suitable treatments depending where the piece will be displayed.

Our woodland sculptures are sought after, scarce, eco-friendly, original in every way, the perfect present for a friend, or simply an enduring personal investment.

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