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Seasoned Mixed Firewood Log Nets

Seasoned Mixed Firewood Log Nets

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What we’re selling

We sell seasoned mixed firewood logs in nets as either half (44) or full (88) pallets  

We are audited by ReadytoBurn and accredited to sell both seasoned and part seasoned logs. These logs are certified to have a moisture content of less than 20%. There are 10-11 logs in each net weighing approx 10 kilo. (5 or 6 hardwood and 5 or 6 softwood logs per net on average).

National delivery is included in the price.

VAT is charged at the reduced fuel rate of 5% and also included.

Types of logs we use:

Larch logs although a soft wood are the perfect option for wood burning or multi-fuel stoves. These logs are easily lit and give off a really good heat often higher than many hardwoods making Larch a great firewood however it is prone to spit so not ideal for open fires but a highly recommended product for all stoves. 

Sitka spruce is a relatively abundant softwood making it cheaper. However it doesn't give off as much heat BTU as larch or the hardwoods.

Oak is one of the best firewood but it needs a long time to season because of its density. It burns slowly and is long lasting. Oak can be found throughout the United Kingdom and is in very high demand and is therefore expensive. Because of its density, oak produces a small flame and is very slow burn, it is best when seasoned for a minimum of two years. It also requires continuous high heat to get it burning well. It is therefore best mixed with lighter woods. 

Birch produces good heat output and burns very bright and hot, meaning that it is a great fire starter. Silver birch are common  and easy to spot making great firewood. It is a softer wood, meaning that it is an excellent fire-starter because it burns very quickly. Birch burns easily and can be even be burnt unseasoned. It is best mixed with a slower burning wood such as Oak. Birch bark also makes an excellent fire-lighter and the perfect logs for getting your fire roaring, easily lit burning quickly with a hot flame.

Ash is widely accepted by many to be one of best woods for burning, Ash produces a steady flame and good heat output and is one of the most abundant species in the United Kingdom. Ash has a low moisture content even when green, but like all wood is best when seasoned. Gives a good heat output, a good flame and burns slowly, so for a long time. Ash is known for splitting very easily and for having a low moisture content making it relatively quick to season too.

Air dried vs. kiln dried

Our logs are air dried as we belief these are more environmentally sustainable they are dried for 2 or even three years (hard woods) in wind tunnels and we do not use precious energy to heat our logs to kiln dry them  


Just like our trees we are offering a great value quality product. We guarantee our certified air dried logs to be below an average moisture content of 20%.

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